[1] Buying the Verdict  (with Lauren Cohen)  [2018] DOWNLOAD

[2] Unlocking Clients  (with Noah Stoffman and Scott Yonker)  [2018] DOWNLOAD

[3] Disaster Lending: The Distributional Consequences of Government Lending Programs   (with T. Begley, A. Purnanandam and D. Weagley)  [2018] DOWNLOAD

[4] IP from IQ: Simplifying Search in Portfolio Choice (with H. Chen, L. Cohen, D. Lou and C. Malloy) [2017] DOWNLOAD

[5] Benefits of Publicity  [2016] DOWNLOAD

[6] Earnings and the Value of Voting Rights  (with Oguzhan Karakas)  [2018] DOWNLOAD, Revise and Resubmit

[7] Shuffling Through the Bargain Bin: Real Estate Holdings of Public Firms  (with Irem Demirci and Erkan Yonder)  [2017] DOWNLOADRevise and Resubmit

[8] Shielded Innovation  (with Lauren Cohen and Scott D. Kominers)  [2016] DOWNLOADRevise and Resubmit

[9] Investment in a Smaller World: The Implications of Air Travel for Investors and Firms (with Zhi Da, Bin Li, and Mitch Warachka) [2018] DOWNLOAD, Revise and Resubmit







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