[1] Platform Venture Capitalists  (with Zheng Liu and Steven Xiao)  [2024] DOWNLOAD

[2] E Pluribus, Pauciores (Out of Many, Fewer): Diversity and Birth Rates  (with David Solomon)  [2024] DOWNLOAD

[3] When Protectionism Kills Talent  (with Isil Erel and Mehmet Canayaz)  [2024] DOWNLOAD

[4] Patent Hunters (with Lauren Cohen, Katie Moon and Paula Suh)  [2024] DOWNLOAD

[5] Earnings and the Value of Voting Rights  (with Oguzhan Karakas)  [2023] DOWNLOAD

[6] Too Many Managers: Strategic Use of Titles to Avoid Overtime Payments (with Lauren Cohen and Bugra Ozel)  [2024] DOWNLOAD

[7] The ESG – Innovation Disconnect: Evidence from Green Patenting   (with Lauren Cohen and Quoc Nguyen)  [2024] DOWNLOAD